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Our Risk Management Philosophy

Fire Safety Programs

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Fires have a devastating and far-reaching effect on our parishes and schools, not only in terms of the damage and financial loss, but on emotions as well. Catholic Mutual has developed several new programs to assist our Members in the area of fire safety.

Electrical Assessment Survey

This short survey helps identify buildings that may be at risk for electrical fires, breakdowns and other electrical related losses based on a rating determined by the answers to the survey.

Infrared Thermography

Catholic Mutual has obtained reduced pricing for this valuable service. Their professional consultants use infrared technology to identify electrical and mechanical system problems.


The Church Facility Management Program (CFMP) developed by Catholic Mutual is a comprehensive management information system specifically designed for the management of Church properties.


Service Office Organizer (SOO) is Catholic Mutual's web based safety inspection program. The program supports both the onsite inspections and the Self Inspection Reports. Members have access to the reports stored in this program.

Catholic Mutual Connection

This biannual newsletter is sent to all Catholic Mutual locations. It includes articles
regarding claims, member services and risk management.

Broadcast Emails

Using today's technology, Member locations are emailed valuable and pertinent risk
management information several times each year.

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