A Message from CMG

It is with a sincere heart that we at Catholic Mutual Group pass along all the best wishes to those directly affected by the impact of Hurricane Laura. Catholic Mutual is committed to provide as much help as possible and to partner as we turn our focus onto assessing the overwhelming damage caused by this powerful storm.

To that end, over the course of the next few days, Catholic Mutual is deploying a team to the area. Our team will be traveling the Diocese and visiting all locations to review and document the damage and to provide immediate guidance with regard to emergency mitigation measures. We know that vendors are in the area soliciting business. Please do not sign contracts or agreements to conduct work without first talking with your Catholic Mutual adjuster.

Also and to that point, we’ve taken liberty to assign emergency mitigation repairs ahead of our deployment. So as to provide guidance and limit confusion and misinformation, those company representatives were given instruction to identify as working for Catholic Mutual Group. If they do not identify with those instructions, please do not allow them onto your property.

Know that all locations in the Diocese have an established claim number and a Catholic Mutual assigned adjuster. Also, we’ve assigned Keith Brown, a local independent adjuster to review your loss. Many of you know Keith and have worked with him on past claims. Know that Keith and your assigned Catholic Mutual adjuster will be making contact and will be traveling to your location in the coming days.

We understand that you may have taken many pictures and/or received documents important to your loss. To that end and referencing your claim number and/or your location, please email upload@catholicmutual.org to send this information. You should have received a separate email from the Diocese that contained an attachment. That attachment was a sheet that showed the specific claim number associated with your location. Upon receipt or your email, our team in Omaha will then upload your information to the claim file and make sure that your adjuster is aware of the documents you sent.

Should you not have access to the sheet we mention above, simply place the location somewhere within the email and we’ll ensure the documents are uploaded to your claim file.

In closing, please be safe and we lift you all up in prayer. Should you have an immediate need or simply want to ask a question, please call our dedicated claim line at 800-228-6108.

Your team at Catholic Mutual Group